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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is MyWay Medical?

MyWay Medical is a new, cutting edge and innovative method, allowing patients easy access to a health care provider for any of their medical concerns. Our unique approach is based on offering extraordinary customer service and personal physician-patient relationships. We couple modern-day technology with old-fashioned values to create affordable and accessible healthcare. We will bring convenience to you as the patient and your medical concerns, allowing you to fit your physician into your schedule instead of the doctor fitting you into theirs. Whether by video conferencing, phone, or secure HIPPA compliant messaging, we make it easy to have access to your doctor at all times.

How does a call-in to MyWay Medical work?

When you call MyWay Medical, an associate will speak with you and take note of your symptoms and concerns. Then after reviewing your chart, a licensed healthcare provider will return your phone call within an allotted amount of time. For more information, please call us at (832) 862-1600 or Toll-Free at (833) 832-1600.

What do the "Plan(s)" at MyWay Medical cover?

Please refer to the “Plans” tab on our website at In general, however, all our plans cover a visit with the doctor by either phone or video chat. Prescriptions, labs, and imaging studies can be ordered as well as referrals and medication refills. If you have any questions at any time, our team will be more than happy to answer them.

What is NOT covered under the "Plan(s)" at MyWay Medical?

Although prescriptions, lab work, radiology, and additional diagnostic studies are not specifically covered by your appointment fee paid to MyWay Medical, we can order these services if needed. In addition, members that have NO insurance or are underinsured will get to enjoy the significant discounts that MyWay Medical has negotiated with various lab and imaging centers.

What is the advantage of MyWay Medical over a traditionally structured clinic?

Convenience. The provider is available to YOU when YOU need them. Typically, most offices have very high patient volumes. This can cause the patient to feel as though they are not important when they need it most. At MyWay Medical, we strive to make the patient feel as though they are an individual, not just another patient. We not only want to treat symptoms but to investigate why the patient has the condition, to begin with.

In case of a life-threatening illness or condition, what should I do?

MyWay Medical is not a replacement for an Emergency Room. If you do have a serious life-threatening illness and/or condition you should call 911 immediately or seek the nearest ER.

Why would MyWay Medical benefit me if I have insurance?

At MyWay Medical, each provider is assigned ONLY a select number of patients. The average clinic holds 2000-5000 patients, however, at MyWay Medical each provider will have a fraction of this. We believe with this model a true doctor-patient relationship can be made. You will feel as though the provider is truly listening to you and have any and all questions answered. There will be a one-on-one relationship with your provider. Prompt access to a physician at the patient’s convenience. Extended visits with your provider. Multiple ways to access your provider (i.e.-phone and secure encrypted HIPPA compliant messaging). No co-pays or deductibles. In-person visits may also be an available option.

Is MyWay Medical covered by my insurance?

At MyWay Medical payment will be required upfront. However, it will be up to the insurance company to reimburse you for the visit since most companies are beginning to reimburse for telehealth services. Once payment has been received, you will receive an itemized bill as well as a CMS-1500 form to submit to your insurance company. Furthermore, your visit is covered by your HSA/FSA account.

How quickly can I expect a call back?

Call backs will be made within an allotted time period that works for the patient’s schedule.

How much is an "appointment"?

Currently, we have three pricing plans-basic, monthly and annual. Please refer to our “Plans” page for more information.

What if a prescription(s) needs to be called in?

In our patient portal, you will have the option to input your preferred pharmacy and your doctor can then call in your prescriptions accordingly. Also, in certain areas your prescriptions may actually be delivered to your location. If you need to change your preferred pharmacy, please inform your prescribing doctor as well as making the change through your Patient Portal.

What if I need x-rays, lab work, or other testing is needed?

Just let our team know and we will make sure to get these ordered for you. We work with some of the best imaging and lab centers in town and have worked hard to get these services at a significant discount.

What if my problem is not able to be solved via MyWay Medical?

Here at MyWay Medical, we will do everything we can to make sure your needs are met. In-person consultations may be an option in certain areas. Otherwise, an appropriate referral will be made.

Is all electronic communication secure?

Yes, all forms of communication will be secure, encrypted and HIPPA compliant.

How is this different than other telemedicine services and nurse lines?

You have the opportunity to build a relationship with your assigned provider at MyWay Medical, by communicating with the same healthcare provider each time you call, which is not the case with most of these other services.

How do you sign up for MyWay Medical?

Signing up at MyWay Medical is fast and easy. First, create a free account. If you have already created an account, just go ahead and sign in to your patient portal. Next, choose your plan. Once signed up for an account, you will be automatically placed into the Basic Plan. However, you can change your plan anytime, anywhere by just going into your patient portal and selecting My Plan. There you will find a detailed description of each plan, feel free to choose the plan of your choice. Next, request an appointment either by phone or video, whenever you want. MyWay Medical is available anytime, anywhere. After requesting an appointment, you will be asked to pay and then your appointment will be set up. Additional services include lab or radiology studies. If at any time, you are curious about a lab test and want to have it checked, we can help you out. Just give us a call and we will have it ordered for you.

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